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Spesoul Womens Mens Milwaukee Mall Water Sports Luxury goods Quick Outdoor Dry Barefoo Shoes

Spesoul Womens Mens Water Sports Shoes Outdoor Quick Dry Barefoo


Spesoul Womens Mens Water Sports Shoes Outdoor Quick Dry Barefoo

Product Description

About Spesoul:

Spesoul has a professional team and devotes itself to the research and development,design and manufacturing of shoes. We have developed dozens of fashion and comfortable water sport shoes,which meets the needs of different customers,which protecting your feet from being hurt by sharp objects when you and your family are walking by the sea or swimming,diving or surfing etc.

water sport shoes for womens mens


Uppers:Breathable Stretch Quick-Dry Fabric

Outsole:Thick soles,Anti-skid and durable,with a good protect effect.

Drainage Hole Sole:these water sport shoes with 11 drainage hole sole,breathable and quick drying.

Closure:Lace-Up Lock or hook-and-loop closure,easy on and off.

Lining:Breathable Mesh.

Style:Fashionamp;New Design.

Reasonable Protection Design:The toenails are reinforced with special materials to protect your toes well when you are playing on the outdoor.

Barefoot Fell:Our water sport shoes will bring you comfortable and barefoot feel when you are walking in the beach or outdoor.

Occasion:Suitable for beach,swimming,pool,boating,kayaking,windsurfing,aqua sport,jogging,walking,beach volleyball, gardening,Yoga training etc.

Size Chart:(insole length)

----5 M US Women / 3.5 M US Men=9.06" ----6 M US Women / 4.5 M US Men=9.33" ----7 M US Women / 5.5 M US Men=9.57"

----8 M US Women / 6.5 M US Men=9.84" ----9 M US Women / 7.5 M US Men=10.08" ----10 M US Women / 8 M US Men=10.35"

----11 M US Women / 8.5 M US Men=10.63" ----11.5 M US Women / 9.5 M US Men=10.87" ----12.5 M US Women / 10.5 M US Men=11.14"

----13.5 M US Women / 11.5 M US Men=11.38" ----14.5 M US Women / 12.5 M US Men=11.65"

water sport shoes for womens mens


  • Various patterns are available.
  • Rich in color of shoes.
  • LACE-UP LOCK or HOOK-and-LOOP or Slip-On Closure.
water sport shoes for womens mens

water sport shoes for womens mens

water sport shoes for womens mens

water shoes

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Gender kids Women/Men Kids/Boys/Girls women Women
Light Weight
Quick Drying
Foot Protection General General General
Main Features Flexibility / Breathable Flexibility / Breathable Breathable Flexibility / Breathable

Spesoul Womens Mens Water Sports Shoes Outdoor Quick Dry Barefoo

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amsterdam-rotterdam is the first european hyperloop network route
promote your own competitionwe organize international competitions and achieve record-breaking results!
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milan, new york, beijing, tokyo,  since 1999